Running your own personal node offers several significant advantages over relying on an external service provider. Here are the key reasons:

  1. Enhanced Security: By running your own bitcoin and lightning node, you maintain full control over your data and transactions. This minimizes the risk of exposure to potential vulnerabilities or attacks that might affect external service providers.
  2. Privacy: When you use an external service, your data is often shared with third parties. Running your own node ensures that your transaction data and personal information remain anonymous and are not accessible to external entities.
  3. Reliability and Independence: Operating your own personal bitcoin and lightning full node ensures that you are not dependent on the uptime and reliability of external providers. This independence guarantees that you can access your digital assets and perform transactions without interruptions caused by third-party service outages. 
  4. Support Decentralization: By running your own personal bitcoin full node, you contribute to the decentralization of the Bitcoin network. This is a fundamental principle of the Bitcoin blockchain technology, and your participation helps to maintain the integrity, security and resilience of the entire network.

In summary, running your own personal Bitcoin and lightning full node with Nakamochi.io provides you with greater security, privacy, control, and independence while supporting the broader Bitcoin ecosystem.

Nakamochi is a bitcoin-only full node that supports both the Bitcoin and Lightning networks and includes a Bitcoin and Lightning wallet. This setup allows users to operate a secure, self-sovereign Bitcoin full node while also leveraging the Lightning Network for faster and lower-cost transactions.

Historically, running Bitcoin and Lightning nodes required expertise in cryptography, networking, and software engineering. Our vision with Nakamochi is to make full nodes accessible to everyone, ensuring anyone can achieve complete privacy and independence at home. Nakamochi prioritizes security and user-friendliness, offering a seamless experience for Bitcoin and Lightning transactions.

While Nakamochi includes a built-in wallet, a Node Management App like Zeus or Bitbanana manages transactions efficiently and securely. They function as remote controls for your Nakamochi. You can manage transactions, open or close channels, view balances, and monitor your node’s status from anywhere around the world. Both Zeus and Bitbanana are designed with user experience in mind. They provide intuitive interfaces and tools that make node management accessible and easy to use.

BitBanana is a native Android app while ZEUS works with both iOS and Android.

Your privacy is our priority. Nakamochi uses the Tor network to guarantee the highest level of privacy. The Tor network, often referred to as The Onion Router, is a privacy-focused network that obscures the user’s IP address by encrypting and routing traffic through multiple nodes, making it difficult to trace the origin and destination of communications. It is resilient against various forms of surveillance and attacks, aligning with the decentralized nature of Bitcoin and Nakamochi.

No, our Nakamochi is specifically designed for Bitcoin and does not support other cryptocurrencies. It is a Bitcoin-only full node, ensuring reliable and optimized performance for managing Bitcoin transactions and the Lightning Network.

If a power blackout occurs and you are not home to reset your Nakamochi, there’s no need to worry. Once the power is back on, your Nakamochi starts by itself and catches up on Bitcoin transactions automatically. There is no need to press any buttons or manually intervene; the system will resume operation and synchronize with the Bitcoin network seamlessly.

Yes. Your Nakamochi can be used as a family or business node by simply scanning the QR code displayed on its screen with multiple node managing devices.

The Nakamochi has a screen lock. This protects it from unwanted interaction or other devices connecting with a node managing software. Be careful, once set, the PIN cannot be recovered or reset.

If someone with advanced knowledge of Bitcoin hardware technology gains physical access to your Nakamochi  it could be a concern. To protect against such scenarios, we recommend the following security measures:

  • Limit Stored Funds: Do not keep your entire Bitcoin holdings on the node. Only store the amount you need for spending/payment transactions.
  • Remote Management: Remember that you can manage your assets from anywhere using the node management app on your phone. Therefore, you can keep it on a secure location, which you do not need to access easily.

Keep your seed phrase somewhere safely away from your Nakamochi. For your security, never save your seed phrase digitally. These precautions can help ensure the security of your Bitcoin assets even if your node is physically compromised.

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