design and code sources

All the designs and software source code are located on our self-hosted git repositories at We also mirror them on GitHub at for redundancy, broader awareness and to ease contributions.

Our self-hosted git repositories accept issues and code changes only from existing accounts, and creating new accounts feature is disabled: we'd like to avoid potential abuse. Nonetheless, we will happily take in any suggestions on the GitHub mirrors.

The following are the main repositories where the development is done.


Nakamochi daemon and GUI, the main software part. It is composed of two layers: a background daemon and a touch-capable GUI interface.

l'interfaccia grafica del touchscreen
l'interfaccia grafica del touchscreen


CAD designs of enclosures and other related mechanical parts.

i disegni CAD delle parti meccaniche
i disegni CAD delle parti meccaniche


Operating system tweaks and automated updates. All nodes fetch and install updates from this repository.


KAFI version custom board hardware designs. This is still upcoming. We will add links here as soon as the repository is live.

versione KAFI รจ ancora in fase di elaborazione